Position Title: 
Graphic Design/Content  & Branch Marketing Specialist
I started at Fairway IMC  - Chico in November of 2021 having little to no knowledge about the housing industry. I learned as I went because in order to help market and design content for the company I had to know the basics along with learning the ins and outs of the corporate graphic standard. In addition to this, I was the only graphic designer on the marketing team so I essentially built their brand identity from the ground up. 
Fairway IMC Chico had originally been called Summit Funding Chico and made the switch over in January of 2022, a couple months after I had started. During this time I had to relearn a lot of compliance guidelines and help with the transition. ​​​​​​​
Job Duties
• Managed social media by posting organically, interacting with local brands + businesses. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
• Created monthly and seasonal advertisements for Facebook + Google ad campaigns.
• Filmed and edited video content for events and promotions.
• Prepped and proofed print materials.
• Designed digital assets for websites.
Fairway IMC Chico had an increase in over 150% in followers and engagement during the time that I was managing their social media. 
There was also an increase in engagement with others in the business with real estate companies such as Keller Williams, Platinum Partners, and Century 21.
Fairway Social Media  POsts and Graphics
Fairway physical designs in the wild
I helped to prep design files and communicated with vendors in order to have these physical branding assets made. 
What I Learned
Working with Fairway I learned a lot being being an independent designer.  A lot of the time I was relied on for making judgements about design and things related to design.  There were many projects here that had very quick turnaround times so I learned to be efficient in my design to try and push out more content.  Self motivation and setting my own deadlines were also a crucial skill that I developed during this time.  I also learned a lot about finance and home loans, although unrelated to design, was really useful to know. 
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