This project was in collaboration with UC Davis Biomedical Engineering senior design students.  Working alongside my fellow design Zaira Escalante, we designed branding for two separate biomedical engineering projects.
Our task was to create symposium posters for two biomedical engineering senior design projects. We also had to iterate logos while considering the design of our groups' projects. We also had to learn a little bit about what these devices were used for in the medical field. We then had to present our ideas to the groups in order to go over any adjustments that needed to be made, working closely with biomedical engineering students.
Logo Iterations
My partner and I spent a lot of time researching other designs, logos, and colors to find inspiration. What we realized was that a lot of medical logos often had shades of blue in addition to having a fairly simple logo. We went through many phases of logo color schemes and styles for both groups but eventually settled on the perfect font and graphic pairings. 
Innovation Logo Iterations
Presence Logo Iterations
Innovation  - Remote Access to IV Pumps Final Poster Design
Presence - Pressure Injury Detection Device  Final Poster Design
What I learned
Throughout this project I learned a lot about collaborating and working in groups with people outside of the design field. There was a lot to figure about trying to communicate ideas in ways without using jargon in order to be on the same page. I learned the value of design critique and considering target audiences as well.
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